Foreign Workers with Valid Work Permits Can Study Now

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Each year, thousands of temporary foreign workers bring their expertise to Canada, boosting the economy and helping to close important gaps in the labour market. Foreign employees contribute significantly to Canada's GDP, but they occasionally face restrictions on the type of study programs they can participate in to pursue their goals and seize new chances.

The length of study programs that temporary foreign workers may participate in without a study permit will no longer be capped, according to a new policy that was announced today by the honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

Foreign employees will have the chance to pursue extra training and education that will benefit them in their careers starting right away. 

Additionally, this policy will improve the employment options for foreign nationals as well as their chances of settling down permanently.

Foreign workers may previously work while they studied, but only in programs lasting six months or less. They have to apply for a separate study permission for longer programs. For those who want to advance their education and acquire more training, especially those who need to upskill or validate their international credentials through specific programs, this has been a barrier.

With this new temporary measure in place for three years, international workers are free to enrol in full- or part-time studies for as long as their work permits are in effect or until the policy's expiration.

People who are legally able to work and who have a current work permit—or who have applied to renew their work permit—on or before June 7, 2023, are subject to this temporary restriction.  A foreign worker must still apply for a study visa if they want to continue their education beyond the time allowed by their work permit.


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